Do you want to be a W-girl Pormoter? Do you want to get free hair? Now Join us to slay the beauty!


How to participant?

1. Register and contact us to ger your person promo link.

2. Share the promo link on all of your social media.

3. Invite your friends to click the link.

4. The more clicks your friends bring, the more bundles you will get.


1. Over 100 valid clicks, you will get one 12" hair bundle.

2. Over 200 valid clicks, you will get 12" 14" hair bundles.

3. Over 300 valid clicks, you will get 12" 14" 16" hair bundles.

4. Over 500 valid clicks, you will get 14" 16" 18" 20" hair bundles.


You can choose any type and texture for the free hair bundles.

Same people click the link within 1 hour will be counted once, different people click the link is a valid link.

We only count the valid clicks.

$USD Currency
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